Safety Tips for Black Bike Week

Both women and men should be aware of personal safety when it comes to traveling whether they are traveling alone or with companions. Even a woman traveling with another person can be vulnerable or alone in a variety of situations. While an event like black bike week is full of people, you’re essentially alone and need to be aware of how to protect yourself in a bad situation.

Awareness of Your Surroundings
You should always be aware of your surroundings. While you might hope that your companion is looking out for you, there are times when you must be prepared to defend yourself. Crowds can become chaotic, and he might not always be aware of what’s going on around him. You have to be responsible for your own personal safety. If you’re riding your own bike, make sure you’re aware of those around you.

Pay Attention to that Gut Instinct
Many people have been known to ignore their gut instinct. They feel silly to be afraid when there doesn’t seem to be a reason, but gut instinct is often your mind catching nuances and clues that you might miss. You should always pay attention to their instincts. Avoid that guy who gives you the creeps. Stay in lighted areas if you think you’re being followed. Give yourself permission to be vigilant and concerned for your own safety.

Hotel Safety
One of the easiest places for a woman to be attacked is in and around her hotel room. When checking in to your hotel, make sure the clerk doesn’t announce your room number out loud. If that happens, ask for another room immediately and ask that the room number be written down for you. You don’t know who could be listening. When entering your room, make sure there is no one loitering in the hallway waiting for you to enter.

Lost Keys
At a huge event like Black Bike Week, you can’t always be sure that everyone in the crowd has good intentions. When you can’t find your key, don’t assume that you’ve lost it. Immediately report the loss to the hotel and ask for a different room. It may have been stolen with the intent of harming you later. During an event, there might not be extra rooms in the hotel. In this case, make sure you’re always using extra security precautions when in the room. Make sure you use a wedge on the door, so it can’t be accessed when you’re sleeping or in the shower.

At the Bar
While it may be flattering to be given a drink by a handsome stranger, you should never accept a drink from someone you don’t know. You should always watch the bartender making your drink and never let it out of your sight. Someone may try to add something to your cup that will make it easier for them to take advantage of you later.

Escape Your Attacker
Even with all these tips, there are times when a confrontation can’t be avoided. Don’t let someone drag you to another location. You should always yell, scream or fight instead of letting them bring you someplace else. You may hope that cooperation will help you avoid being hurt, but it’s often the opposite case. A quiet victim makes it easier for their attacker. You don’t need permission to fight as if your life were at stake since it certainly might be true.

Attack Where it Counts
While it’s not always a man who attacks a woman, this is often the case, so it’s good to know how to attack a man properly where it’ll cause the most damage. The groin is one of the most vulnerable on a man, but the eyes and throat are good places to bite, gouge or kick. Whether it’s a man or woman who attacks you, be sure that the first strike is as forceful and as painful as possible. It may be your only chance to fight. It has to count.

Women and men alike should always be concerned about their personal safety whether they are with a companion or not. At an event such as Black Bike Week, it can easy to get lost in the excitement and parties, but you should always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

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