– Your Guide to Black Bike Week 2017 | Black Bike Week Hotels/Accommodations

Black Bike Week Hotels/Accommodations

Here’s what you want to look when booking a hotel for Black Bike Week:

  • Are they bike friendly?
  • Do they allow trailers?
  • Are you getting the best price?
  • Are you located in the center of the action?

Location is critically important because traffic during Black Bike Week is typically very heavy and traveling just a few miles can take hours. The weekend is short enough; why waste time frustrated and sitting in traffic?

You also want to make sure that that your prospective hotel is actually catering to Black Bike Week attendees rather than honeymooning couples or families.

Some hotels are offering onsite bike security guards and are hosting their own parties.

When you make a reservation, make sure that you save all email confirmation and if you book by phone, which we don’t recommend, be sure to write down both your confirmation number and the name of the person you spoke with. Hotels often overbook to allow for cancellations and your reservation could easily be “lost.” Confirm, re-confirm and save everything.




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