Monthly Archives: April 2017

Look Out for License Plate Readers

It’s gonna be another one of those years, gang. The Sun News is reporting that Myrtle Beach Police Chief Warren Gall has promised city leaders that his department has ordered 42 stationary license plate readers that should be up and running by Memorial Day. Cops say they need the readers to help alert them to when vehicles linked […]


Law and Order at BBW

Black Bike Week, also known as Atlantic Beach Bikefest and Black Bikers Week is the largest African American motorcycle rally in the United States. The event takes place on Memorial Day weekend and has been referred to as “Black Fill-in-the-Blank Week” due to the high attendance of non-motorcyclists in recent years. These other visitors are […]


Tips for Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycles are a blast to ride, but the fact is they can be dangerous, and they are not as safe as cars. While the greatest threat to motorcyclists is cars and other drivers, there are some safety steps that, when applied, can minimize the risks of riding a motorcycle. It is important that cyclists control […]

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